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Common Faults and exclusion screw refrigeration equipment

Time:2016-7-9 13:47:09 Click:604times
Hello there! Screw refrigeration equipment placed within the article should leave some gaps, in order to facilitate the flow of cool air. Around the cold storage refrigeration unit is strictly prohibited stacking objects and away from heat sources, in order to facilitate the flow of air and sufficient cooling, and regularly with a soft brush to remove refrigeration unit, gray Egyptian radiator. These are designed to ensure heat dissipation. The cold storage temperature should be set within the specified range, otherwise it will increase the workload of cold damage cold storage element. Storage preservation library interior temperature is set at 0 → + 5 ℃, freezer inside temperature is set at 0 → -18 ℃, low temperature for the inside temperature is set at 0 → -23 ℃. Set the other parameters, refer to the instructions. Should minimize the number of refrigerator door and make sure that closed tight, incoming and outgoing goods should try to shorten the time to reduce cold loss and saving electricity. To observe the fluctuation range of the supply voltage is in the regulations. Noise is frequently observed cold runtime without exception. Condenser fan refrigeration unit on the suction cooling (wind blowing toward the direction of the compressor), frequently observed in the fan rotation is correct (three-phase power to change will change the fan turning), turn the fan incorrectly can cause cooling down shorter refrigerator life. Remind users: When someone in the refrigerator, and refrigerator door was shut when people outside, where people do not flustered cold, cold when you close the door will soon find the emergency brake handle refrigerator door, that is hard to push out open the refrigerator door.

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