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Hotels with cold storage equipment tightness test

Time:2016-6-28 Click:1588times
Let the hotel with cold storage equipment in a vacuum under certain appropriate time, whether from the vacuum gauge reading changes to reflect and observe whether the air bleed into the system to seal performance test systems. For evaporation gauge near or below atmospheric pressure cooling system must carry out this test.
Vacuum test is usually the following two methods:
Use an external mechanical vacuum pump vacuum leak testing of this method is generally used for small cold storage facilities at the specific steps are as follows:
(1) counter-clockwise at the suction shut-off valve with a fine tooth channel plug, closing the intake valve stem clockwise rotation a few laps, the suction shut-off valve in the three-way state;
(2) with a soft takeover with a three-way valve and vacuum gauge repair multiple interface connectivity with a vacuum pump and the suction shut-off valve on the good;
(3) open all valves in the system (including solenoid valves and manual valves, etc.);
(4) the power vacuum pump is turned on, the system was evacuated until the vacuum gauge reading reaches --0.1MPa, after an appropriate time to exit the intake cutoff valve stem rotates counterclockwise and tighten;
(5) to maintain 18 ~ 24h, if the same degree of vacuum, vacuum test is considered qualified refrigeration system.

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