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What choices cold screw chiller focus on?

Time:2016-6-24 Click:1522times

Choose cold screw chiller should be noted that in many places, in order to choose high-quality refrigerator, you need to understand the actual cooling capacity chiller and a number of factors are relevant. This includes the cold water temperature and flow, and the cooling water inlet temperature, flow and fouling factor.
     Here are some choice in the refrigerator when needed attention to the details of place:
     1, the selection of chillers, should pay attention to the normal operating range of the model units, mainly the main motor current limit is the current value of the shaft power of the nominal operating conditions.
     2, in the design selection should be noted: in the name of flow conditions, the cold water outlet temperature should not exceed 15 ℃, air-cooled unit outdoor dry bulb temperature should not exceed 43 ℃. If the need exceeds the above range, should be understood that use of the compressor is allowed, with the main motor power is adequate.
     3, the choice should be based on the chiller cooling load and use to consider. For a long time low load operating conditions of the refrigeration system, should use multi-head piston compressor or screw compressor, easy to adjust and energy saving. 

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