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Buy a small refrigerator equipment

Time:2016-6-22 Click:2322times

With increasing levels of economic development of refrigeration equipment is also accelerating, the industry uses refrigeration equipment, cold chain transport way more and more, so we choose the cold storage facilities, the need for comprehensive consideration of various factors, reasonable to choose their own refrigeration equipment. Since we still have doubts, following on to describe how small cold storage equipment should be selected.
1, to determine the size and capacity of cold storage, cold storage doors of size specifications and the door opening direction, which is generally made store goods tonnage shipped out every day, and to determine the size of the building. There evaporator library, an exhaust pipe, whether the cooling fan are two types of exhaust pipe internal cleansing treatment, welding elbow design process whether standard configuration is reasonable, the chiller configuration is reasonable, whether the standard configuration chillers.
    2, optional refrigeration unit, is the domestic unit, imported units. Configuration is reasonable, whether the standard configuration of the condenser, compressor and condenser refrigeration and other accessories are assembled together referred to as refrigeration units, water-cooled chiller units and air-cooled unit . Small refrigerator selected based air-cooled unit, compressor refrigeration unit is the heart of cold storage, refrigerator refrigeration unit is the heart of refrigeration equipment, common compression chiller with open, semi-closed and closed points. Hermetic compressors, small size, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving. It is the preferred model small refrigerator by hermetic compressors mainly composed of air-cooled chiller, can be made as split air-conditioning, as the form of the wall hung installation. 

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