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Composed of small cold storage device

Time:2016-6-23 Click:1427times

With the increase in cold storage suppliers, buyers in cold absolute advantage, you can select a different vendor for technical exchange parity. But more buyers pay more attention to the relative price, the price is better than all of them. Thus lost their eyes and see the chaos of real cold market situation. As the saying goes you pay for, cost and relatively even very low, which is certainly a serious problem. Not inexpensive one that exists at this time we are talking about, after all, is the engineering, required daily necessities and we were not comparable. The market there is no shortage of cold storage cooling effect is not good, cold collapse and other issues. The cooling effect is not good and if the choice of quality refrigeration units related to the collapse of the cold storage and high-quality technology are inseparable.
     The main component of the small refrigerator equipment
1. The cold storage size, storage temperature, unit placement, garage door opening, bank arrangement, etc., all of which can be custom designed according to the specific requirements of the user. Some also require the construction of cold storage and steel ceiling.
    2. The cold storage doors, cold storage needs according to the style specifications can be customized. Xuzhou cold
    3. Compressor Unit: unit has a compressor, a condenser (sub-cooled, water-cooled, evaporative cooling; water-cooled condensing need cooling water system including cooling towers, cooling water pumps, cooling water connecting pipes and valves), solenoid valves, filters, voltage-controlled, oil classification composition. Is made of imported international brands, these devices are configured to ensure proper cold storage, stable, good insulation properties, low energy, quality of excellence.
    4. The cold storage body thickness libraries generally use 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, inner plate filled PU / EPS insulation materials, double-sided color plate of plastic / stainless steel, steel machining grooves into the surface invisible, its light weight, high strength, good insulation properties, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, the library board assembly quick and easy, is one of the best insulation materials cold storage body selected.
    5. The evaporator, control box, closure devices, lighting systems, alarm systems, protection systems, and brass wires and other links. These are the cold storage equipment essential part of the material.

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